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How to find a job in USA ?

How to find employer in the USA?

When looking for a job in the USA by yourself, carefulness and cautiousness are very important. The search is more comfortable and the offer of employers is wider on the internet.

One of the biggest problems is the trustworthiness of the job offers. Another issue might be with the so-called job offer, which is given out by the employer. They often send out wrongly filled-in documents, which can cause problems.

We recommend you to apply for work posts at well-known companies (those who have experience with employing students from abroad) or employers that your closest people have recommended. If you are not sure with the employer you chose, let us know and we will gladly help you.

Requirements for the program

Student of a university

Age of 18+

Upper-intermediate English level

Enjoy Enrollment fee

The fee payment depends on your date of registration in to the program. The sooner you register, the lower the fee will be.

Opłata Aplikacyjna Cena
Opcja Self do 31.10.2019 650 PLN
Opcja Self po 31. 10. 2019 750 PLN
Opcja Full do 31. 10. 2019 850 PLN
Opcja Full po 31.10.2019 950 PLN

The fee includes:

  • Registration into the program WAT USA
  • Assistance with the DS-2019 application
  • Ensuring the valid application of Job Offer
  • Sending the program application to the USA
  • Before flight information
  • Assistance with the visa application on the US embassy
  • Assistance service during your stay in the USA

Visa sponsor fee for DS-2019 (Greenheart Exange)

Rodzaj Programu Cena
Opcja Self Ratownik 749 USD
Opcja Self inne pozycje 999 USD
Opcja Full Greenheart 1190 USD
United Ratownik Cena będzie podana wkrótce
United inne pozycje Cena będzie podana wkrótce

Fee includes:

  • DS-2019 application from the visa sponsor – authorisation to work legally in the USA
  • Health INSURANCE during the validity of the DS-2019
  • A virtual orientation from the visa sponsor before the flight to the USA
  • Nonstop assistance service of the visa sponsor during your stay in the USA

Additional fees:

SEVIS fee – $35
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (=SEVIS). A database of students, which allows the American side to know exact information about foreign citizens, located in the USA.

US embassy fee – $160
Fee for the visa provision.

Flight ticket
Not included in the fee list, but it is an additional expense. Purchase of a flight ticket depends entirely on you.

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Piotr Oleszczuk

Piotr Oleszczuk

Manager W&T USA, Canada,Work UK



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